Friday, December 7, 2012

Here is my first set of songs on the playlist.  All songs will be linked to a lyrics page that will hopefully have a player to listen to the song.  All songs can be found on my (ZephyerSky) playlists on Mog.
Feel free to add to the list in the comments.  I'll update and post more as I go.
One thing I want you to keep in mind before sharing songs off this list with younger girls is that I do not filter.  There will be songs on this list that do come with a parental advisory.

21st Century Girl  Willow Smith
Activity Grrrrl    Joan Jett & The Blackhearts
Alice    Avril Lavigne
All I Want Is Everything  Victoria Justice
A Place In The World    Mary Chapin Carpenter
A Place In the World    Taylor Swift
Beautiful  Christina Aguilera
Breakaway    Kelly Clarkson
Born This Way  Lady Gaga
Bullpen  Dessa
Butterfly Broken  Ashlee Simpson
Butterfly Fly Away  Miley Cyrus
Cherry Bomb    The Runaways
Eagle When She Flies    Dolly Parton
Exceptional  China Anne McClain
Expression    Salt-N-Pepa
Express Yourself  Madonna
Fearless  Olivia Holt
Fighter    Christina Aquilera
Fireball  Supreme Team (Willow Smith)
Firewalker    Liz Phair
Firework  Katy Perry
Fly  Hilary Duff
Free Your Mind  En Vogue
F*ckin Perfect  P!ink
Girl on Fire    Alicia Keys
Girls Just Want to Have Fun    Cyndi Lauper
Girl Talk    The Donnas
Girl Time    Kerri Medders
Hope Has Wings  Brie Larson
I Am    Christina Aguilera
I Am    Hilary Duff
I Am Me  Willow Smith
I Decide  Lindsay Lohan
I Fly  Hayden Panettiere
If You Believe  Andrea Remanda
Inner Strength  Hilary Duff
I Wanna Be  Emma Roberts
Just a Girl  No Doubt
Just Fly Away    Raven-Symone
Leave It All To Me  Miranda Cosgrove
Left of Center  Suzanne Vega
Make It Shine    Victoria Justice
Man I Feel Like A Woman  Shania Twain
My Girls  Christina Aguilera
Music Of The Sun    Rihanna
Never Grow Up    Taylor Swift
Never Underestimate A Girl  Vanessa Anne Hudgens
Nothings Gonna Stop Me Now    Olivia Holt
Over and Over  Madonna
Reach  Caliegh Peters
Reflection  Christina Aguilera
Respect  Aretha Franklin
Run the World  Beyonce
Rush  Aly & AJ
Shorts Like Me    Raven-Symone
So Bring It On  The Cheetah Girls
So Far So Great    Demi Lovato
Somebody  Bridgit Mendler
So What  P!ink
Spotlight    Madonna
Speak For Myself   Aly & AJ
Standing Out In A Crowd    Trisha Yearwood
Sticks and Stones  Aly & AJ
Supergirl  Hilary Duff
Superwoman  Alicia Keys
Sure Looks Good To Me  Alicia Keys
Survivor    Destiny's Child
Teenage Rules  The Donnas
Tear Off Your Own Head    The Bangles
The Princess Within  Princess La Jai
This Is How We Party  S.O.A.P.
This Is My Now    Kerri Medders
This Is My Time  Raven-Symone 
Time To Shine    Kerri Medders
True To Your Heart  Raven-Symone
Typical  Raven-Symone
Vogue  Madonna
Umbrella    Rihanna
Unpredictible  Skye Sweetnam
Unstopable  China Anne McClain
Unwritten  Natasha Bedingfield
We Got The Beat    The Go Gos
What Doesn't Kill You    Kelly Clarkson
Who Says  Selena Gomez 
Why Walk When You Can Fly    Mary Chapin Carpenter
You Gotta Be    Des'ree
You're A Superstar  Kerri Medders

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Why I created this blog.

I'm a mom with a daughter heading into those tween years.  Some days her life is like looking into a portal to my own  youth.  For all the wonderful technology and social advancements that have come about since I was young there is still no solution to girl drama and often self esteem issues with girls.  It is culturally acceptable now to empower girls and encourage them to do what they want without putting labels on them.  While there are more and more outlets for them to show themselves and everyone else just how much they can shine when given the opportunity, I still wanted to give my daughter something that she can put inside herself and bring out whenever she needs that little reminder that it's okay to be who she is and do what she wants to do.

Music has such a huge influence in all our lives. I bet you can't go a day without hearing some form of music; it's everywhere, from television ads to cell phone rings.  I know how much music influences my emotions, thoughts and even my creative process.  I know how comforting it can be to seep yourself in songs of heartbreak, to commiserate with the artist, or how that upbeat tune gets you going and puts a smile on your face as you sing along carefree and happy.  Music can help us soothe broken hearts, bring back memories, and pump us up when we need the lift.

This blog is intended to be an ever growing list of songs for my daughter (and yours.) There is no set style. Songs can be rap, country, pop, folk...whatever gives the message that girls are powerful capable individuals and no matter who they are, they are beautiful.  Music that will lift them up, remind them that girls can over come the drama of the day, whether that drama is family, friendship, love, or life in general.  It's music they can identify with alone in their room, out with friends, or just as a soundtrack to everyday life.